Friday, September 30, 2011

18 Mile Long Run Recap (9/24)

Saturday 9/24: It started out pretty good, I was feeling confident and my legs felt great… I had the confidence I needed that would help me finish 18 miles…

And then, I had a run in with a dog.  If you have read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I cannot stand dogs… especially when running!  I am scared stiff of them!

I was about 3 miles in when this dog came shooting across a yard.  I thought it would stop when it got to the road, but it didn’t… it came across two lanes, barking, growling, and scaring me half to death… I was screaming at it to go home, kicking at it, trying to get it to go away.  I’m not going to lie to you, this dog wasn’t very big, but it was the scariest thing to me… everyone has their own fears right?

Finally someone came out to check on me… I guess I was screaming bloody murder, and he got the dog to go back home… he acted like I was an idiot… what a jerk! I continued on my way, but you know when the adrenaline wears off and you are out of harms way… yeah, I started crying so I stopped (a good distance from that evil dog) in someone’s driveway and called my mom.  Mom’s make everything better :)  After telling her about my ordeal, she asked if I needed anything, and I realized that I had been so surprised by the dog that I had lost my gum… she brought me another piece along with a hug… I love my mom :)

I found it hard to get back into my groove after that… it took me about a mile or so and then I started feeling good about my run again… I took a GU Roctane around mile 5.  Once I got to the school/trail there were a gazillion people everywhere… there was a cross country meet going on, so I had to wind my way through everyone saying “on your left” “on your right” the whole time lol… I love running on the trail… there’s all sorts of people out and about… you’re never really alone :)

The halfway point (9 miles) ended up being where my husband works… pretty nifty how that works out ;) So I stopped and chatted for a few minutes while he filled up my water bottle for me and then I headed back.

Around mile 12 I really started having issues… the hills felt worse going back than they had when I first started out lol…(see garmin chart) I ended up walking up most of the hills on the way home… it was slow going…

I also had to stop and ask an older gentleman if he would fill up my water bottle for me because for some reason I was so thirsty the last 4 miles! I was so ready to be done and it seemed like there were hills on top of hills lol… It was tough mentally and my legs were so sore… but I finally made it home!!

18.01 miles in 3:31:31

The farthest I’ve ever run! I was thrilled that I finished and a little bit nervous when I thought that the marathon was 8.2 more miles than I had just run… how on earth will I finish a marathon?! Good thing the Columbus Marathon is mostly flat ;)

Tomorrow I have 20 miles and I’m thinking of doing it on flat ground.. we’ll see lol ;)


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  1. No shame in screaming bloody murder. I too am afraid of dogs other than my own. Dogs that come running after me FREAK ME OUT. I'm so proud that all you needed was a piece of gum and a hug - I would have asked mom for a ride home! Way to gut it out - 18 miles is CRAZY FAR!!!!! Great job!!!!

    So I love your blog, but I'm seriously FREAKED out by the Columbus countdown clock. It really gives me anxiety and then I stop to think - I'm only doing the half but YOU are doing the full - then I think how freaked out you must be getting for your first FULL marathon. I think of you and your soon to be marathoner self - and am wishing you the best of luck!!!

  2. Wells - Thanks for all the encouragement! I'm really excited and nervous!! :)
    You'll do fabulous for sure!! :)

  3. Sorry that dog scared you - no one should be letting their dogs run loose these days. Unfortunately, it likely took your screaming for excitement... and that heightened its intensity.

    It is better to stopa and firmly say NO while holding out your hand in a halt position... for another time, if you can remember it.

    I wish you well this weekend. It will be awesome for you!

  4. Nice run Zaneta. 18 miles is serious business and it sounds like you handled it well. 8 more miles is far, but easily doable. I am with you on the dogs. People should control them, cause that sucks when they come bolting out like that. Good on you for finishing so well. For me, if that adrenaline dumps, I am spent.

    Great blog and great training!


  5. whoa, I still haven't run any further than a half marathon, so 18 miles sounds crazy intense!!

  6. I am SO sorry about that dog experience. I feel the exact same way about dogs, no matter how small they are. I am amazed you were able to still run after that. Nice job pushing through.

  7. That's a really nice run!

    Sorry to hear about the run in with the dog. I can't imagine how scary that must have been.

    Good luck on your 20 mile run!


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