Saturday, October 1, 2011

9/28 – Speed Work at the Track


First, let me say that It has been almost a whole year since I’ve actually gone to a track to do speed work.  My training schedule said I had 6 miles to do Wednesday… but I had homework to do and kept pushing it off and pushing it off until I didn’t feel like running… ever done that?! It’s not a good thing!

But then I remembered I had new shoes that needed to be initiated (more so than a mere 2 mile treadmill run).  I’m not gonna lie, the run in I had with the dog on my long run had me leery of running on the road, so I decided I would go to the track for a change in scenery, but I had to go “now” because silly fall brings shorter days… I don't like it when it gets dark so early lol…

I wrote down my plan and took off:


I did pretty good at hitting my goal paces for the workout:


I really enjoyed it… it was refreshing to do something different, not to mention the weather was perfect… slightly breezy, cool but not cold, peaceful (I was the only one on the track at 6:30 at night lol… I think I enjoyed running at dusk; that was different too. My feet enjoyed running in my new shoes as well ;) Sometimes you just need to switch things up… Do you ever switch things up when you run?



I ended up finishing before it got too dark and took a few minutes to stretch and enjoy the peaceful evening before heading home to shower and finish my homework.


It was a fabulous run… I have no clue why it’s been so long since I went to the track… I see more track speed sessions in my near-training future. ;)

Do you do speed work at a track? If so, do you enjoy it?
If not, do you just run your intervals on the road?


  1. Honestly, I usually do them on a treadmill, which probably isn't the best thing to do but it is the best way for me to time them. I've never done 6 miles worth of a speed workout, though. Normally I just run 800s or something. I went to the track with some friends a few weeks ago and we did one, though, it was pretty interesting and a great way to switch things up.

    Good luck with getting in your runs with the days getting shorter, at least you don't have much longer until the marathon!


  2. You know, I do most of my speedwork (when i do it) on the TM also as it is more convenient and ensures that I hit my pace goals. I love it. Lately though, I haven't done much speedwork since I am training for an ultra and I feel like the only time I get injured is when I do speedwork. Not scientific of course, and not even conlusive I guess, but it's a good excuse that works for me. lol

  3. Great job!!! How are you liking your new kicks? I often need a pep talk to get myself at the door for runs - Friday's run (which turned out to be one of my best ever runs) was that way. I actually used the "you never regret the ones you do, only the ones you don't do" line that is quoted weekly around the blogosphere to get my butt moving.
    Glad you got it done and enjoyed the change up. I don't do speed work like you, but the speed work that I do is fun and I enjoy it a great deal (usually more once it's done than actually during - ha!)

  4. Great run! When the track is empty I love running on it. Not so much when it's busy though!

  5. Good job! I'm not really a fan of the track, but it's also usually crowded when I run on it.

  6. Getting excited about the bloggy meet up :) woot!

    Going up the training schedule means doing it in reverse. Normally, you start with week 1 then do week 2 and so on all they way until the last week which is the week of the race. Reverse tapering or going into another training cycle, we learned, should be accomplished by redoing your last week of your training plan then doing the week before it and the week before that (ex: week 15, then do week 14, then week 13, etc). Make sense? If not, I can try to explain it differently.

    Hope you are enjoying your taper and are getting psyched for your first full (I was looking back at my posts that I wrote right before my first half and noticed I spoke of you often because you and I were doing our first halfs the same day!!). We've both come a long way in year!!! So excited for what's next for you ;)


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