Sunday, October 9, 2011

Festival 5k Race Recap

5th Annual Festival 5k Run & Walk
Saturday July 30, 2011
Start Time: 8:30am

I got my youngest sister to run this with me before she headed back to college for her sophomore year.  We got there around 8am to get her registered (I had registered in advance) and pick up our packets and warm up a little.  BTW, this year’s race shirt is my absolute favorite! Green and Blue is my favorite color combo (if you couldn’t tell!) lol… Our mom ended up coming to watch us and we got to chat with her for a little bit before we lined up. 


These small races are all gun-timed, so we lined up about 5-7 lines back from the front of the pack.  The first mile we were really bookin’ it, I kept telling her that if we kept up the pace we were at, we would both PR! lol… she really didn’t care ;)  We were going around 8:09/mile with our best pace being 5:45/mi? lol… Dont know how that happened…

Around mile 2, we slowed down… my sister has sports induced asthma and had forgotten her inhaler.  It was hot out and she was starting to have problems breathing.  We finally got to the water station and she told me to go on ahead… I was torn, because I wanted to go fast, but I didn’t want to leave her… she looked right at me and said “I’ll be fine, but I’m gonna walk so GO!!”  So, I kept running.

I couldn’t seem to get my legs back to the 8:09/mi pace, but I pushed it as best I could and came across the finish in 25:42 officially.

I ran back to cheer my sister in and then we stayed around for some door prizes. My sister won a gift certificate to a plant nursery lol… she gave it to my mom ;)  I wasn’t quite sure if my time would get me an AG place or not…  Ended up I passed a girl in my AG in the last 50 meters or so to take 2nd in my AG lol…

blogpic5kfest2First time I’ve ever gotten a plaque for a race :)

After the awards were all handed out, a guy approached and asked if he could interview me for the festival, so I said sure… I don't know if anything ever came of it, but it made me feel famous lol ;) Then my mom took my sister and I to a cute little restaurant for lunch.  It was fun spending time together. :)

DSC02463 DSC02464

Here are the Garmin Stats:



Time:  25:42
Pace:  8:16/mile
AG (19-24) Place: 2/16
Overall Place:  128/313

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  1. That's a pretty big race if 300 people did it! Here the small ones are like 30-50 people and the big ones are 100 or more. But I guess I don't live in a very big running community so yeah. Congrats on doing so well especially in June, those hot races are always killer! And the cute shirt and plaque are fun too!

    Amy Lauren

  2. Wow - congrats!!! Woot!

    One week to go before your first full - wow!!!! So excited for you!!!! Sending you all my wishes for a fun and safe and speedy race!!!

  3. Yeah girl! We're twins! I just picked up my medal for placing second in my age category too :) Congrats to you and your sister!

  4. How fun to be interviewed! Yay for 2nd place!

  5. Congrats on 2nd in your AG! That's awesome!

    I'm a brunette and my sister is a redhead too. People always make a big deal about her hair. It's gorgeous and so is your sister's.

    Was the guy that interviewed you from a newspaper?


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