Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Roundup: September 26 – October 2

Monday:  2.00 miles in 21:36 [15 pushups; 80 crunches]
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  6:04 @9:35/mi (1 @10:27, 1 @8:25, .5 @10:51, 1 @8:25, .5 @10:47, 1 @8:20, 1 @10:55)
Thursday:  Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday (10/1):  20.00 miles @11:42/mi (3:54:00)
Sunday:  Rest

Total for Week = 28.04 miles
Total for Month = 20.00 miles (October)
Total for Year =  280.73 miles**

**Starting in March since I forgot to keep track, but I didn’t run much in Jan and Feb
*** @=outside run (refers to pacein=treadmill run (refers to minutes)

March 31.02 miles
April  46.71 miles
May  20.5 miles
June  2.47 miles (wedding month)
July  36.13
August  52.45
September  71.45 (personal monthly best)

School, School, School

School is going pretty good, I’m in the 3rd week already… which doesn’t seem right lol… it’s taking up a lot of my brain power, time, and energy! This is my first time being back in school FULL time… Spring and Summer I was only part-time.  I enjoy all my classes though and my professors are great! :)

I do need to catch you all up on my last 3 races… so I will try to get at least 1 race recap done this week ALSO… WE GOT OUR WEDDING PICTURES!!! I will be posting those soon too!  :)

Blog Posts From The Week

YMX Giveaway Winner!!
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9/28 - Speed Work at the Track

Registered Races

10/08/11 – Cancer Care 5k
10/16/11 – Columbus Marathon

Days Left Until My First Full Marathon:  12


  1. looks like a good week!

  2. Great week! Well done on your 20-mile run!

  3. Very impressive month of September!

  4. only 12 more days, wahooo!!! You have to be so excited!

  5. ah your marathon is getting soooo close! I'm stoked for you!! :D

  6. Nice training Z! marathon is just around the corner! You're gonna do great!


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