Monday, February 20, 2012

What Kind of Runner Are You?

"I'm Sexy and I Know It" - The Fitness Runner

You live and breathe fitness. You eat right and incorporate all sorts of fitness workouts into your routine. You run a few miles at a time a few days a week to boost your cardiovascular endurance and to help get that sexy core. You know all the latest fitness brands and love wearing the latest Nike pants or lululemon top. Bikini season is year round in your books, so you stay on top of your fitness regimen.

Those are the results I got when I took this fun quiz!!  It’s on and is short and sweet and a perfect way to procrastinate ;) tehe!  You can take the quiz HERE.


In other news… I ran 0 miles last week, so I’m not even posting a Weekly Roundup… bleh!  I’m hoping to get all my homework done today so I can take advantage of the sun and hopefully get a few short miles in outside for the first time this year! :) *fingers crossed*!


How was your training last week?
What are your results for the quiz?
What races are you signed up for that you are super excited about this year?


  1. I am doing Hood to Coast..Yay so excited about that one. I am off to go and take the quiz.. thanks for sharing!

  2. Last week I hit 25 miles- my first time over 20 since October! I'm really excited about 2 races in Sept and Oct and also I'm pacing a friend at Leadville in August!!

    What type of runner am I? The results said fitness runner, but I consider myself more of a He-Ra Trail Runner!

  3. Cute quiz - I'm a "Fitness Runner" too :)

    Training last week was good - excited for the RnR USA half in a few weeks!

  4. Fun quiz! I'm most excited to run the Ragnar Relay in Colorado because it means I get to have a little vacation with some bloggers!

  5. I ran 2 miles last week so that's not much more than zero. I'm pretty excited about all of my races this year honestly!

  6. I had a good week. Last week was my first week of marathon training...33 miles!

    I scored a 16, but feel like i should have been in the next highest category. :)

    my biggest race this year will be the canton marathon in june. it's my hometown's inaugural marathon! so excited!

  7. Fun quiz - I'm a Lazy Susan and the description is pretty much 100% accurate - cool!!!

    Girl, miss you and hope you are well!!!!

    Hope school and life calm down and you get to have some fun!!!!!

  8. Lazy Susan! That can't be good at all!! ;) Fun quiz - thanks for posting!


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