Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sour Apple and Athlete Bio

Well, I didn’t get a run in on Monday and now the weather is back to clouds/rain … bummer!  I did manage to get in a 3 mile run on one of the campus treadmills yesterday and it felt wonderful after not running or working out at all last week…

last week… oh boy… I’m not gonna lie, it was a rough week.  I had so much stuff going on, especially at school, that I was exhausted and drained physically, mentally, and emotionally… not to add, frustrated…  I was in a bad place last week, and I hate to say, but it’s kind of spilled over into this week.  I just can’t seem to get caught up and when I feel like I finally have, even more is added to my list of things to do with no time to do them.  By the way, thanks to those of you who left uplifting comments and those of you who have emailed me uplifting words… they really have helped!

This weekend, I have a “Silent Weekend” for school which is voices off and everyone is silent except for using their hands to sign with each other or writing back and forth… I’m excited because it’ll be nice to get away for a weekend in a beautiful lodge while getting to improve my ASL skills with my friends, but at the same time… I have tons of stuff to do and that means I have no time this weekend to them.

On another note, Dorothy from Mile Posts featured my athlete bio on her blog today!  Go check it out HERE!!  Thanks Dorothy! :)

I can’t promise that I’ll get around to any of your blogs until spring break as I had to kind of procrastinate my swamp-pile of homework to write this lol… whoops… so you all will just have to keep me updated in the meantime!  :)   Meanwhile… my blog posts will be few and far between for the next month… I have 2 reviews I really need to do because I’m behind and I’ll try to keep up with my Weekly Roundups, but I can’t promise you anything… know that I still care about you all, and miss you guys!

Sorry for being kind of a sour apple today, but this is how I really feel… a little depressed and a lot stressed lol… I’m usually upbeat and happy on the blog which is a real reflection of how I usually feel, and I wasn’t gonna post today because of my mood, but decided I’d be real with you all… so now… tell me what’s been goin on in blogworld! :)


  1. I been to a couple of silent weekends, its an interesting event

  2. you are so

    Loved the post by Dorothy!!

  3. I've been swamped under the last few months and my training has suffered. I am so far behind schedule but slowly getting there. You hang in there and before you know it you'll be back to normal days and training. Keep it going!

  4. Hope Spring Break gets here fast so you can have a little break!

  5. Hugs friend. Never fear - school and stress associated with school are temporary (even if it doesn't feel that way). Hope your silent weekend is fun - been there done that - tons of fun!

    I wanted to thank you for your super sweet comment on my blog the other day. I'm glad that we're bloggy friends. You always make things so fun and are sooo nice!!! Thanks girl!

    Hang in there and good luck catching up!!! Will be praying for you!!!!


  6. I hope your Silent Weekend went great...what an awesome idea and great way to improve ASL skills. No better way to learn than to be in an environment where that is the only way to communicate! :)

  7. Hope you feel better. Can't wait till you're back :) xoxox

  8. Just wanted to stop by and say hi and let you know I'm thinking of you and hoping school and life are going well! Miss you in the blogosphere and look forward to your return. Until then, hope your day is great. Happy St. Patty's Day!


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