Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Did you miss me?! ;)

No more 16 hour long days at school!! Winter quarter is behind me!!  I’m so excited!  That was the toughest quarter I’ve ever had to endure… and that includes my undergrad degree!  In 5 classes, I pulled out all A’s and 1 B… a little sad about the B because that means I no longer have a 4.0, but the quarter is a success in my book! :)

I didn’t get to run a whole lot during the winter quarter, so I’ve been taking advantage of this beautiful 70 and 80 degree weather on my spring break!! :)  Last weekend, my hubby surprised me by buying me a pair of these beauties:


That’s right… the PureCadence shoes that I have been longing after!!  These puppies are awesome!  I LOVE them!!  I think this strictly Nike Runner has been converted to Brooks shoes for life!! lol

Here’s a rundown of my workouts since last we spoke:

Total Miles in February = 16.02

3/2 – 2.5 miles in 23:56
3/3 – 5.03 miles @ 10:18/mile (51:49)
3/14 – 3.53 miles @ 11:41/mile (41:14)
3/17 – 6.01 miles @ 10:43/mile (1:04:26)
3/19 – 3.5 miles in 33:52; P90X Shoulders & Arms (1 hr); P90X Ab Ripper (15 min)

in = treadmill run   @ = outside run

I’m running the Capital City Half Marathon on May 5th, and have kind of given up all hopes of PRing and am just trying to get in half marathon shape so I can enjoy the race again because last year it was my most favorite race!! :)

I’m going to try for 7 miles this Saturday and see how well it goes… school starts back up Monday, and I’m hoping to have a little more time this quarter to workout than last because I’ll only have 8 hour days instead of 16 lol… so we’ll see how it goes!  I want to try to start P90X back up as well and get fit again… I can tell I am not in great shape… but priorities right now are school, work, and a little bit of sleep… working out is a privilege at this point!! :)

Congrats to Hungry Runner Girl and Billy… they have a little one on the way!! :) So happy for the two of you! :) I hope everyone has been doing well!!  I’m looking forward to trying to catch up in blogosphere :)  What has everyone been up to?  I can’t promise I’ll be posting a whole lot, but it won’t be a whole month without blogging again, I promise you that! :)


  1. Yay welcome back bloggy buddy! MISSED YOU!!!!

    Your hubby (hee hee that sounds so awesome, doesn't it?!?!) surprised you with new shoes - SA-WEET! Nicely done hubster!

    Welcome back - hoping this spring and summer are a lot more fun and a lot less stressful!!!!

  2. Welcome back!Glad to see your are going to be able to get back into the swing of things...

  3. I got the Pure Flows, the Cadence weren't wide enough for my fat feet, I am so in love with the Flows though, i have run up to ten miles in them and plan to go longer. I am a new Brooks convert too, I was a die hard Asics girl until last fall, then life changed forever!

  4. Love the new kicks, same as mine and purchased by my hubs as well :) Sweet!!

  5. They're great results congratulations. But what were you doing? 16 hours a day is nuts!! This semester will feel like a breeze in comparison.

  6. I WANT those shoes. Seriously, I may come steal them off your feet! I hope you have a calmer quarter!

  7. I just bought the Pure Cadence shoes too!!


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