Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I Spy on my Nightstand…

They say you can tell a lot about someone by what they have on their nightstand… what do you think?  If that’s true, what can you deduce about me from this picture of my nightstand?

What’s on your nightstand?



  1. You have a cold, you are dehyrated, and you are trying to read more!!

  2. My nightstand has a light, a clock, ear plugs (my husband snores), a photo of my family, a dirty tissue and my current book. Oh, and a good layer of dust because it hasn't been cleaned in a why - ergo the tissue.

    1. haha! love the earplugs! I'm lucky and my hubby doesn't snore! :) I haven't dusted in a while either... whoops! Don't tell anyone! ;)

  3. You are battling a cold, like to knit, and run...blessings sweetie


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