Monday, January 28, 2013

Woopsie Daisy…

Well… Didn’t quite work out this weekend, I was too exhausted and after doing all my house chores and homework on Saturday I just felt like coming home after church and being lazy, laying in bed watching TV on Sunday!

I did make up for it with a treadmill run that started out at a speed of 5.7 (remember getting BACK into shape so starting out slow, bleh!) and ending my 2 miles out at a speed of 7.2 for a very SHORT amount of time lol)… Some days I just can’t stand running inside and today was one of those days… it was in the 50’s! After a whole week of starting the day out with negative temps due to wind chill, that’s just heavenly! ;)  BUT, I needed to make it a quick run after work so I could finish some reading and homework for tomorrow’s class, so treadmill it was! 

I just wanted to write a quick post to keep you all up to date on my lame and seldom workouts ;)  I do have to say though, that I am doing a much better job of fitting in at least 1-2 runs every week even though I’m still just as busy with work, school, homework, and an internship… whew!  *here’s to running at least 1 mile every month!* ;)  I should probably raise my standards and make my goal “at least 2 miles every week*

Just an FYI:  My computer’s network card has died… so I haven’t been on the internet as often as I’d like as it’s way to inconvenient now.  Plus, I have no idea how to fix the problem without spending money for the part and money for someone to fix it for me, so fixing the problem is going to have to wait and that means once again, I am not as involved in the blogosphere as I’d like to be :(

funny-computer-crashFound on Google

I’m off to bed, I have a 13 hour long day tomorrow with my internship,
class, and driving time…  DON’T FORGET to sign up for the
2nd Annual Valentine’s Day Card Swap!! :)


  1. I must admit we had a very lazy Sunday as well although I did run 21km saturday and 10km early Sunday before church. After that I was done.

  2. Good luck with getting your computer squared away. Mine was eating my pictures the other day (everything I uploaded in iphoto disappeared), and it was a pain to figure it out. My husband's answer to every problem is to google it. And it usually works!


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