Monday, June 10, 2013

A Runner’s Perfect Date Night

I don’t know about you all, but for me, the perfect date night would be running, foam rolling together, and recovering with some Rocky Road ice cream and a cheese stick…

BUT, unfortunately I am still injured (update coming soon) and so the next perfect thing would be watching a movie about running!  If that sounds like the perfect night out to you, you’re in luck!!  This week, on Wednesday only,  Fathom Events is releasing The Spirit of the Marathon II: Rome in select theaters near you!  It’s a one night special event in select theaters nationwide (click here to check for a theater near you).


Here’s a snippet from the official website:

From the filmmakers who brought you the award-winning documentary Spirit of the Marathon comes the highly anticipated sequel: Spirit of the Marathon II.
Featuring the personal journeys of a new cast of seven athletes as they run the iconic streets of Rome, Italy, the film also includes interviews with marathon greats such as Stefano Baldini, Paula Radcliffe, Frank Shorter and many others.
An entirely new running adventure,
Spirit of the Marathon II expands on the first film looking further into this legendary event, its significance in people's lives and ultimate impact on society.

I’ll be honest with you, I never saw the first Spirit of the Marathon, but I’ve heard great things and it’s on my wishlist!  I have heard that Spirit of the Marathon II was done a little differently than the first one though and have read on a couple blogs from people that got to see a sneak peek that it was truly inspirational!  I can’t wait to have a night out and watch it!!  If you’d like to watch the official trailer, I’ve embedded it below because that’s what friends do! ;) Enjoy!

Have you ever watched the first Spirit of the Marathon?
- Nope, but it’s on my wish list! :)  I’ve heard great things!
Are you going to the showing of Spirit of the Marathon II on Wednesday?
- Yeppers, I am!!  Totally excited about it too! :)
What would be your perfect Runner’s Date Night?
- See above! ;)


  1. You are going to LOVE this movie!!! Seriously so amazing.

  2. My coach is trying to organise a special screening of SOM 2 but the cinemas can't give him a release date here in Australia. I hope we get to see it because I really enjoyed the first one

    1. That's great! I hope you get it organized so you can have a screening there! :)

  3. I got my tickets and I'm looking forward to seeing it!

  4. I have watched the first Spirit of the Marathon and it was amazing.

    Yes, a group of us are going to see it on Wednesday night.

    You just described it!

    1. YAY!! Have fun tomorrow! :) Let me know what you think!!

  5. I'll be there!!! Can't wait to see it!!


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