Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekly Roundup: May 27 – June 2

Monday: .5mi in 5:43; BBC Day #5; 30 Day Fast Start – Upper & Lower (3); .5mi in 5:44; Foam Roll/Stretch; Basketball with hubby (45min)
Tuesday: .5mi in 5:52; BBC Day #6; 30 Day Fast Start – Upper & Lower (4); .5mi in 5:56; Foam Roll/Stretch/Stick
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 1.0mi in 11:21; BBC Day #8;  30 Day Fast Start – Upper & Lower (4); 1.0mi in 11:55; Foam Roll/Stretch/Stick
Saturday(6/1): Rest
Sunday: Rest (Family Graduation & Party)

Total for Week = 4 miles 
Total for Month =  May = 5 miles -- June = 0 miles 
Total for Year =  74.57 miles

*** @=outside run (refers to pace) in=treadmill run (refers to minutes)

January 11.57 miles                                                       2011 329.45 miles
February 16.55 miles                                                      2012 178.67 miles
March 15.52 miles
April  25.93 miles
May  5 miles

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Unfortunately I have no plans to race at all this year… we shall see towards the second half, but I am just trying to get back into shape and figure out my knee pain!


  1. Hope you get the knee pain worked out! A race recap round up is such a great idea!

    1. Thanks! I created the #linkup because I LOVE reading everyone's race recaps/reports! :)

  2. Sorry your knee's still giving you trouble! Hope you get some relief soon!

    1. Thanks so much Michelle!! It's a work in progress... Hopefully I'm making some improvement... I won't actually know until I start running again legitally! (new word!) haha! ;) Thanks for stopping by!


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