Monday, July 15, 2013

Goals Update: June 2013

Alrighty… Happy July everyone!  Time for another goal update for the month of June!! But first… Don’t forget to enter your race recaps on the Race Recap Roundup #linkup!!



GOAL #1:  Get rid of my knee pain and average 4 miles a month

                ~Not sure how many miles I actually ran in June… not a lot… but I will say even with
                  the total of last month, I would still be averaging about 12 miles a month right now…
                  I took a lot… A LOT… of rest days to try to rest up and heal my knee because my
                  main goal is to rid myself of my knee pain  - GOOD SO FAR

GOAL #2:  Graduate in May and land at least a part time interpreting job by June!

                ~I graduated May 10th!! :)  I signed up with an agency and had my first assignment
                  the last week of June!! :)  for all intents and purposed I’ve 100% accomplished
                  this goal!! I’m still looking to sign on as a contract interpreter with more agencies
                  though!! :)  - ACCOMPLISHED!! 100% COMPLETE!


GOAL #3:  Finish all the WIPs (Works in Progress) I have on my knitting needles/crochet hooks (5 WIPS) and make something for myself this year! :)  - 4/6 COMPLETE

~Make something for myself this year “Honey Cowl” – COMPLETE 2/11/13


~ WIP #1:  “What a Hoot Scarf” – COMPLETE 1/5/13


~ WIP #2:  “Owl Vest for Bryce” – COMPLETE 3/8/13


~ WIP #3:  “Snowmen Ornaments” – COMPLETE 3/31/13

*These have been sitting around for a while (2008), they were my first crochet projects ever lol… since then I’ve crocheted at least 14 other things before finishing these lol… whoops!

crochet pieces of snowman 12-20-08DSC04416

~ WIP #4:  “Hannah’s Flower Power Rug” – IN PROGRESS


~WIP #5:  “Valentine Doily”



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What are your goals for 2013?

What are your goals for this this month?


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  2. I love that owl scarf! It looks really awesome, I can't believe you made it. It looks like something in an expensive store, you're really good at this knitting and crocheting stuff (I could never do it... mine would look like poo, lol).

    Congratulations on graduating :).

    1. Thanks Amy!! :)
      Funny story... I actually did crochet poo once! ;)
      I used to have a knitting blog and you can see a picture of the poo here:

  3. I love how you're holding yourself accountable, girl. Congratulations on graduating - that is no small feat.

    1. Thanks so much!! :) I think I was even more excited about the job because it meant I had made it! I'm an interpreter! :)


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