Friday, July 5, 2013

Wazzzupppp?!? (and loving life!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!! :)

Life has been crazy busy as of lately and I just want to share about it because I feel so blessed!

So why haven’t I been around much lately?

I went from working ZERO (0) jobs to getting a job.. or two… and actually working three separate jobs last Thursday!  Now this isn’t an every day occurrence, but last Thursday I subbed for a preschool teacher working a summer program, went straight to working at a restaurant (same I used to work at before becoming a substitute teacher), and then came home for about 2 hours to be called in to my very first interpreting assignment!!

It was a tiring day but I feel so blessed from all the opportunities that God has provided me so far after graduating May 10th!  I guess you could say I’ve been lucky as defined by my blog’s subtitle! ;)

I’m trying to work as much as possible so that I can pay off my student and car loans as quickly as possible so that I can move on to a new chapter in my life and not have to worry so much about money!  As far as full time interpreting jobs… there aren’t many and interpreting is for sure what I want to do for the rest of my life.  I’ve signed on as a contract interpreter with one agency and am hoping to sign on with more in the fall.  Summer is a slow season for interpreting so I realized I needed another source of income this summer if I am going to pay off my bills.  (Remember substitute teachers don’t get paid throughout the summer!) ;)

With that being said, I’m willing to work in fast food if that is what it takes!  Going back and asking for my job back that I quit almost 2 years ago was humbling to say the least and sometimes you need to come down off your pedestal and realize that you aren’t “better than that” and you need to do what you need to do.  They graciously let me come back and my pay is pretty much what it was when I left… they originally said about 2-3 days a week but I’ve picked up extra hours and have worked an average of 35 hours a week. God has His ways of teaching you lessons that you need to learn!  I will say this… God has provided for me!

In addition to the restaurant job and the one interpreting agency, I was hired on as a full-time preschool aide in a preschool for children with disabilities and typically developing peer models starting this fall!  I’m super excited about it and although it doesn’t pay millions of dollars, it’s a job that I will enjoy and will feel so rewarded every day when I come home!

God is Good… All the time!

Sorry for the lame post with no pictures… I’ll try to make up for it in my next post! ;)  I just felt like sharing everything I’ve been blessed with because my heart is overflowing right now!

I hope you can find the blessings in your life, no matter how big or how small and feel appreciative for them today!! :)



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  1. Hi Zaneta!
    I loved your post! I feel like we have so much in common! :) I am a (Christian) kindergarten teacher, I'm married and have two daughters, my youngest daughter is hearing impaired, thus we have a bilingual home, and I love to run and stay fit!
    I will be following your blog! Thanks for your positive's contagious!

    1. Sami!! That is too awesome!! If you ever come to Ohio or I ever come to Colorado, we need need NEED to meet up!! :) It's too cool how much we share in common!! Thanks for following my blog!! I'm indeed following yours now too!! :)

  2. You are very inspirational! I always have had an interest in ASL, when I was younger, one of my best friend, communicated this way. She had a full time interperter in school, who was her interperter for the entirety of her schooling. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!! :) I would love to be an interpreter in the school system! :)

  3. Congratulations on the jobs- you are lucky but you work really hard so you deserve it, it's not really luck, you're just getting what you work hard for :). Good luck with paying off the debt too- we are facing the same thing with Clay's loans and also our house.

    1. Thanks so much Amy... you're so sweet! :) Good luck to you with paying off your loans! It's frustrating isn't it?! :-P

  4. Wow, that sounds like everything is coming together! Very happy for you!! Good things happens to good people :)

    1. Thanks so much! You're sweet! :) I'm super excited about life right now :)


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