Sunday, July 28, 2013

Worst Runbassador Ever…and a Winner!!

As a #Runbassador I feel like a failure tonight because I totally missed out on #RunChat!  Total FAIL!


I completely was going to join in on the fun… see… #PROOF:


But then I got sidetracked by family stuff… family totally takes priority… I completely understand if my high elite status as Runbassador gets revoked though… ;)
Anyways… I’m sure I’m not the only one that missed #RunChat tonight… so for your sake… and mine… here are the questions with my answers! Feel free to join in by commenting with your answers below this post!!


Q1: What do you do consistently to help keep your legs fresh? (foam roll, compression, ice bath?)
A1: I stretch, foam roll, use a stick, and compress!!

Q2: Okay, if you were stranded on an island, what 3 items of running gear would you have with you?
A2: My Ipod, Garmin, and Nuun!! Gotta stay hydrated! I wouldn't need shoes... I'd become a barefoot runner! ;)

Q3: What's your favorite cross training activity? How often do you do it?
A3: At the moment... I like Jackie Warner's 30 Day Fast Start and I do it 2-3 times a week.

Q4: What's your highest weekly mileage for a half or marathon? How many days are non-running days?
A4: I haven't trained for one in a few years... but lets just say... not enough and too many ;)

Q5: Thanks to @110playharder for sponsoring ‪#‎runchat‬. What running products are still unknown to you that you want to try?
A5: Vibram Five Fingers... and Injinji socks... I think the socks would cut down on blisters and lost toenails and the V5Fs just look fun ;)

#Runchat Brag: I became a Fit Approach‪ #‎SweatPinkAmbassador‬!! So excited to join an awesome community!!

What are your answers to tonight’s RunChat?

What’s your brag from this week? (PR? Planked Everyday?..)


The FrogFuel Giveaway Winner is…




  1. So what's the idea behind run chat? Is it on Twitter? Can anyone join in?

    1. Hey Jamie! RunChat is on twitter and it's every Sunday at 8pm or 10pm and you just get on and use the hashtag #runchat to join. The moderators ask questions and you answer then put #runchat after your answers. There's most always a sponsor and prizes too! :)

  2. 1. Yoga class once a week and foam roll, I want to try some compression socks too.
    2. Garmin (depending on size of island,lol), good sports bra, unlimited supply of drinking water.
    3. I try and Spin twice a week but lately my cross training days have consisted of chasing my 4 year old around the Botanical Garden splash pad.
    4. Highest mileage I think was 35 miles when I was training for my first marathon
    5. Compression socks, still don't own any but really want to try them for recovery after long runs.


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