Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Blast From The Past: Prom Dresses

Skinny Runner did a post Sunday reminiscing and talking about prom dresses…

I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane as well…


My Junior year in high school (2004), the dress was given to me for free… it had been a bridesmaid dress, but the wedding never happened and I wasn’t planning on going to prom so it kinda worked out in my favor ;)  One of my friends said he didn’t want me not going just because I didn’t have a date…. so he went and got a matching tie and picked me up for prom.  I’m just glad his girlfriend at the time was also a friend and didn’t mind that he took me to my prom … (they went to a different school)

             P4240022 mommy's camera 167b

My senior year (2005) I ended up going to 2 proms because my boyfriend was from a different school and we were both seniors…They were the same night so we went from one to the other… he was my first and only boyfriend throughout my high school days… lasted i think 3 months lol… i was too busy for boys anyways ;)  and no, I'm not wearing heels lol… seriously, he’s just that short ;)

       dance 021 gradshow 114   
                        gradshow 111
               gradshow 113

well… guess blue and green were my favorite colors all those years ago too! lol… The picture above is me and my twin getting ready… well, we were already ready, my mom just wanted the picture lol… this is bringing back some good memories :)  BUT  its making me feel old lol…

All this DRESS talk is making me want to share some of my blog friends wedding pictures with you all!! :)   NOT TO MENTION… I ONLY HAVE 80 DAYS LEFT!! :)

Pam from Life Began at Thirty sent me some gorgeous pictures from her wedding and a picture of her BEAUTIFUL ring!!!  :)  Thanks for sharing your pictures with me and making me even more excited for my big day in June!!


Just lovely!! Thanks again Pam for sharing!!  If any of you have wedding pictures you’d like to share with me and let me post on my blog just email them to me at
I would love to see more of y’all’s (yes, I am a college graduate and yes, that's how a country girl makes “you all” possessive lol) lovely pictures!!  They make me so excited for my own wedding on June 25th!!

80 Days Left!!!


  1. Awww... you make such a beautiful prom-goer! I can't wait to see pictures of you in your WEDDING dress now! :)

  2. What great pictures - from everybody!

    I had to dump my prom date before it got here, so sadly my dress and I never made it to the prom. :( I finally wore it to a fraternity formal in college, but I'm bummed that I don't have those prom memories like everybody else.

    Your hair looks fabulous, too!

  3. Love the pics :)

    I'm so excited for your wedding!!! My little brother is getting married this Saturday.

  4. love the pictures of prom! i was way too busy for boyfriends too...and it totally worked out for the best :) my friends are still to this day having to "avoid" their ex's from high school because of bad break ups. not worth it i say.


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