Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday 5 Mile Thoughts

First, can I just say, I think I get sick more than anyone else I know! Seriously… I’ve been sick since Saturday!  Runny nose, sore throat, coughing, sneezing… I think I pulled a chest muscle!

Well, I got up extra early today… didn’t help that we were having some severe storms all night… I don’t think I ever fully fell asleep… anyways… I ran 5 miles this morning… on the dreadmill of course because it was pouring and cold outside. 

Here are my thoughts from my run:

     ~ Man, I’m feeling good… I thought my legs would be dead after running a “fast” 3miles
        only 8 hours ago!
     ~ Seriously?!  I’m only 1.3 miles in!!  Ugh! Guess I’ll have to stop and go take care of
        business… gross…
     ~ There is NO way I am ready for my half marathon on May 7th
     ~ I hope I’m ready for my first exam today… I better cut this run short and go study!
     ~ You are NOT cutting this run short!  You have plenty of time afterwards!
     ~ Hmm… I think my blog has become boring… perhaps I’ve lost my blogging mojo or
     ~ I’m not as witty as I was when I first started blogging (mental apology to all my bloggy
     ~ You can do this! Only 2.5 more!  So not ready for my half marathon…
     ~ Can’t it just be nice outside? I’m tired of the rain!
     ~ Stop complaining already!  You have nothing to complain about! Have some fun!
     ~ Man… an ice bath sounds so good!
     ~ What?! 800 meters left?  Pick up the pace!!
     ~ Finished!! Yay!! oh no… please don’t puke, please don’t puke….  BDD would probably
        appreciate this thought… now coughing too?!  That’d be weird if I literally hacked up
        a lung!… ew…

There ya have it… I’m a strange one… Don’t pretend like you have no clue what I’m talking about lol… You know i’m weird ;)  After my run I hopped in the ice bath for about 15 minutes and then took a quick shower and ate breakfast and now i’m taking a break from studying… I have my first exam today… My last exam was last June before I graduated with my first degree… hopefully I’m not rusty! ;)

I will leave you with my “this is cold, but feels good, I’m gonna try to be cool like Janae and make weird faces” ice bath picture:

And yes… I drink Chocolate Milk straight out of the jug
after my runs cuz i’m just cool like that ;)


66 Days Left!


  1. Your arguments with yourself about stopping sound very familiar to me - I pretty much had the same conversation with myself yesterday :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. Girl - you CRACK.ME.UP - though, I'm VERY sorry to hear you're sick. Here's the thing . . . I was tracking with your mental thoughts until the 3rd to last one - then I knew you had LOST YOUR MIND! Seriously - "oh an ice bath sounds good" - under what circumstance can you actually think it sounds good???? I'm sure it helps, but to actually think about looking forward to it - GGGUUUURRRRLLLLLL!!!!! I dunno 'bout you!
    Feel better - you'll be fine at your half (though I think I forgot you were doing one - I'm such a bad bloggy follower - have you talked much about it?)
    Hope your day gets better - good luck on the test!

  3. LOL and I was thinking, I hope she puked, I hope she puked, you know you want the convented Pukie Award

  4. love the dialogue between u and u. lol
    i also have such random thoughts when i run. i should do a post on that too.

    good luck on ur exam

  5. Love this ~ very cute:) I too am a bad blogger that has lost my blogging mojo :/ hope we each find it! You will do great at your half!

  6. I absolutely love reading your blog! Your half will be great!

  7. Brrr! I do the milk jug thing too--you've got company!

  8. Im with you!! I want some sun! I want it to be spring weather!!!! Ive been battling sinus issue and it is not fun to sneeze for about an hour post run!... I would love to tape record my running thoughts I think it would be hilarious or ..... maybe depressing later on! lol Feel better soon!

  9. I have this annoying "no chocolate" thing. If I didn't? I'd drink chocolate milk right out of the jug, too. Heck I'd probably drink the whole jug at one sitting!

    My mind goes all over when I run, too. In one run alone I'll think I'm the greatest, then the suckiest, then finish thinking again I am in contention for being in the Olympics!

  10. Oh yeah, guilty as charged... I do drink straight out of the milk jug. ;)


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