Monday, April 25, 2011


I totally made up my long run that I may have just not felt like running this past weekend! lol  8.08 miles!

Can I just say that I love you guys?! Seriously… after my last post about how I’m so not ready for the half marathon coming up May 7th, you all reminded me that running is supposed to be fun and that you don’t always have to be racing for time!  So thank you for that and for reminding me that I CAN do this!! :)

I’m not going to lie to you tho, this run was brutal!  I have no clue how I forgot about all those hills!!  Thank goodness the half marathon is relatively flat ;)


I did have to walk a little on some of the hills, but I made sure I never walked up an entire hill and I was always running before I reached the top! I took a strawberry GU Chomp every mile, so I ended up eating an entire package.

Things that happened during/after my run:

~ I saw another runner and his cute collie and after petting the dog and a quick round of witty banter with the older man, I found the strength to run the rest of the hill at mile 2!

~ It was more humid than I prepared for and I ran out of water around mile 4 so I stopped at a nice looking house with kids playing in the front yard and the dad kindly filled up my water bottle after joking that he had just ran out of water and then wished me luck on my journey back

~ Walked a little more than I wanted to

~ Saw beautiful scenery that I wish I would’ve had my camera for… it was just breathtaking!!  I love living in the country! :)

~ End of my run I had the biggest snot dangler!  It started out as a rocket but didn’t quite have take off… didn’t know one person could have so much snot… and runner’s are gross ;)



I was a tad dehydrated so i was a tad colder than I usually am
and opted to wear a hoodie this time


But then I couldn’t breathe OR drink my protein drink, so I had to untie the hood


And my puppy thinks I’m the strangest person on the planet… what do you think? ;) lol  


Here’s the rest of my Garmin stats for my run:




2 months exactly from today I will be a married woman!! :D 
Just had to throw that in there ;)

61 Days Left!


  1. Hi there! Thanks for the message you left on my blog. 2 months to go for you woohoo! I'm so excited for you girl. =)

    I have 5 more months. Got my dress today. Woot! =)

  2. That's so exciting!!! You will be such a beautiful bride!! :D

  3. You did it and you ROCKED it. Way to go, Zaneta. So exciting on the wedding countdown...almost there!

  4. Congrats! You will be awesome on race day. My one cat cannot figure out this whole ice bath thing. He sees me in my sweatshirt and wants to sit with me but I am surrounded by water/ice. Even they think I am weird.

  5. nice work on the hilly run!!! and, i'm a total wuss because i put on my down jacket anytime i'm getting into a bath of ice :)

  6. My wedding is 1 month from tomorrow, eek!
    GREAT job on ur run!!!
    I sent u the guest post yesterday, hope u got it. It's really just about qualifying. It was so lng that I ddnt even really add much about Boston, :-/. Thanks, and again,awesome job on that run!

  7. way to go on getting it done and seriously rock star for doing the ice bath, i still just can't do it. I'm epsom salts all the way.

    Love that bloggers always keep us motivated!!!

  8. WTG!!

    Cute doggie too!

  9. You're absolutely right. We are disgusting. LOL

  10. See - only you lost faith in you . . . we all knew you could do it! Great job girl!!!!! Glad you got this run under your belt - big confidence booster I'm guessing!

  11. I just love that you are in a hooded sweatshirt in your bath. Too freaking cute!

    Hills hills hills ... man, feel the burn!


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