Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Go Check Out This Super Awesome Girl!!

Seriously… she’s pretty amazing! :)

1) she thinks i’m adorable ;)

2) she’s a runner!

3) she leaves the best comments ever… seriously makes me smile every time i read a comment from her!

4) she has volunteered at a race instead of running it!

5) she used to teach preschool at a deaf school… seriously!  How awesome is that?!  And since you all know that I am going to school for sign language interpreting (or now know), I just HAVE to post a link to the blog she wrote tonight because it’s all about American Sign Language… and a little bit of Deaf culture thrown in ;) 

GO CHECK IT OUT and tell her I said “hi”! :D


  1. my sister is going to school for sign language interpreting. pretty cool!

  2. My s/o is an interpreter, I should hook the two of you up at for the columbus mary weekend.

  3. Question: who is cooler than you? Answer: no one!!!
    Thanks "Z" for the shout out! I'm so glad you liked the post - I LOVE sign language!!!! Lots of your peeps stopped by to check out my post - thanks!!! Hope to meet you in "real life" one day - hey, just thought of something, I should find a running partner who can sign - then I don't have to worry about short burst sentences because I'm sucking air while running - I can just sign and sign and sign and never need to worry about stopping for a breath (maybe some gu or a sip of water, but . . )HA!


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