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Running For Him T-shirt Giveaway!

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I was clicking through some pages on facebook one day and came across the page for Running For Him… Here is the page’s description:

We are runners with a purpose, to share the love of Christ and message of salvation through him. We leave all personal ambition behind and instead run with the goal of building the kingdom of God. Join us for a run?

Awesome right?  Well that lead me to the actual website HERE… I think this is such an awesome way to witness to people!!  Here is the story behind Running For Him:

In the summer of 2008 I began a journey to lose weight and take responsibility for my poor health. Later that year I felt the strong urge to start running. This was so odd to me because I had severe asthma and weighed 240lbs, how could a person like me run? None the less, the feeling would not leave me. It tugged at me day and night until I decided to get out and just try it. I took maybe 10 steps and quit. It hurt. I resolved to try again when I was below 200lbs, maybe then my knees wouldn't scream so loudly.

God had something else in mind and he led me to the couch to 5k program. My weight loss wasn't going as fast as I thought it would so I gave up waiting until I was 200lbs and went out and tried again. This time I got the shock of my life when I realized I wasn't having an asthma attack nor were my knees hurting. I was running! I was healed!! I was so grateful to God and his mercy and I knew I was doing exactly what he wanted me to do.

Ultimately the desire to restore my health, led me to crave the restoration of my fath and relationship with Jesus. So I rededicated my life to Him, I gave him everything. I asked God to use my life, to give it meaning again, and I surrendered everything I had. Except my running.

I desired to go fast, to run far, to impress people with the things I could do. Soon I found out that keeping it all to myself made it pretty meaningless and difficult. As I was running one morning, it was cloudy and overcast, but off in the distance was separation in the clouds and rays of light streaming down. I began to pray, "Lord, running is great and I love it, but how can I make it about you?" I would compare what happened next as instantaneous as when Saul became Paul, it was literally like God flashed the idea into my head like a lightening bolt. All of a sudden it was there.

Running For Him.

Imprint a shirt with Isaiah 40:31

I could see the logo

The Lord instructed me to  put aside my ambition to win or place or go fast and instead focus on reaching others. Reaching out and loving them. Being the light and going where it was dark.

How many times have you been inspired just by reading a shirt while at a race? How broken do we feel on the course when we're struggling. Something changes in people when they are participating in an endurance event, they are searching. Searching for something big to happen, searching for acceptance, to have someone cheer for them, looking for something meaningful. We have the answer to all of those needs.


The one who will always love you just as you are.

By wearing the shirt you can be a beacon of light for those who are seeking. A resource. Someone may be inspired by the verse and take time to talk to you about it. The shirt will create moments for ministry and if you're ready to put aside your own ambitions and minister to those in need I ask you to contact me about getting a shirt. Through you and the use of your hands and feet we can share with people the promise of a life that will surpass any runners high here on earth. Through the website,, and our facebook page you will be able to meet with other Christian runners and recieve meaningful support from our blog.

I know God will move, he's already amazed me with how many people have stepped up and said, "I will wear the shirt and run for Him." Will you join me for a run?


I immediately put in a request for a shirt so I could wear it everyday! Ok, not everyday but as much as possible lol ;)  I just love the mission of Running for Him, it’s God and running mixed into one!! :)  The verse that’s on the back of the shirt is the verse I have on my Road ID :) Amanda sent me a shirt and I LOVE it!!  I asked her if she would mind if I write a post up about Running for Him and she said go for it! She even offered to host a giveaway on my blog!! YAY!! :)  So one of my bloggy friends will be able to win a dry-tech shirt and a $25 gift card to Road Runner Sports!!  Awesome giveaway right? 

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Here’s the rules:


- Like the Running for Him facebook page HERE and leave a comment
- Be a follower of my blog and leave a comment


- Post about this giveaway on your blog and leave a comment
- Follow me on twitter HERE and leave a comment
- Tweet the following and leave a comment
Check out the awesome giveaway @superwoman4002 is having on her blog! #running #giveaway
- Leave me a piece of wedding advice, a funny wedding story, or a link to a funny wedding video or anything wedding related… funny, serious, ironic… whatever! Be creative! ;)

This giveaway will be open til Thursday, June 23rd and I will choose the winner on June 24th!! The day before my wedding!! :)  Now go check out Running for Him!!  Such a great website and way to witness to people while doing something you love… running! :)

*Shirts are ordered in quantities of 12. If we do not have your size in stock you will be placed on the waiting list and notified when your shirt is in the mail.

** I was not paid to do this post, I just wanted to share it with my bloggy friends!

** If you would like to host a review or giveaway on my blog send me an email at


  1. i liked 'em on fb and said ya sent me. LOVE this shirt idea of theirs!

  2. Wedding advice? Realize it won't go perfectly! I'll be celebrating my 10 year anniversary this summer, and there are some things about my wedding that i STILL wish had gone differently! okay, Ms Photographer, if your shoe catches on the runner as the bride is approaching, bend down and fix it! All other photos from any distance will show it with a big ol' folded up spot! And future father-in-law, don't mess up the symbolism of the candle lighting by stealing flame from the bride's deceased father's candle...bring your own big fancy usher-lighter-thingy instead! Okay, okay. Yes, realize people will mess up and it will be okay and don't hold onto these aggravations for 10 years! ha ha!! (i will try to let it go now...) =)

  3. I'm a blog follower and have been one for awhile, and I also liked them on facebook :).

    Amy Lauren

  4. My wedding advice is to do something fun and nontraditional at some point, something that people will remember. We toasted with diet mt. dew instead of wine, haha :).

  5. I liked running for him on Facebook.

  6. Also, I'm a twitter follower.


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