Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wedding Checklist: 2 Weeks & 6 Days To Go

AHH!!!  I have so much to blog about!!  A lot of wedding stuff has happened this past weekend and I can’t wait to blog about it this coming week!!  I have to get thru finals first and I promise I will be back and blogging about wedding stuff, working out, and possibly a giveaway ;)  (spoiler! tehe)  ok… here is a picture teaser to hold you over:


Here’s my wedding checklist (20 days left!):

       - Buy: forks, cups, plates, ribbon, 4 candles, stuff for the favors, and wrapping paper for
         the card box
       - Ask V for pics
       - Go thru engagement pics and tell Elijah which ones are my faves
       - Create and print ceremony programs
       - Make nail appointment
       - Take cake server to get engraved
       - Make slideshow for reception
       - Follow up with people who haven’t RSVP’d yet
       - Make favors
       - Final dress fitting @2pm (June 8th)
       - G’s dress fitting
       - Bridal shower @1pm (June 4th)
       - Write thank you cards
       - Makeup trial
       - Hair trial @5:45pm (June 14th)
       - Card box
       - Decide what cake will look like/flavors
       - Order cake
       - Tie ribbon on the bubbles
       - Reception playlist
       - Schedule of events for DJ
       - Confirm honeymoon
       - Marriage License
       - Change my name
       - Get rings cleaned
       - Make schedule for morning of
       - Pack for honeymoon
       - Invite important people to reception
       - Print out and frame favorite engagement pictures
       - Rehearsal @7pm (June 24th)
       - Pick up rentals
       - Cut tulle for centerpieces
       - Pick up tuxes and dresses

20 Days Left!


  1. Less than 3 weeks!! holy time flies!

  2. Oh my goodness - it's coming it's coming!!!!! So excited for you!

  3. Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    (That's my girly squeal!) :)

  4. This is so exciting. Do you still need me to perform that interpretive dance choreography for your wedding? What time should I show up…remember I need setup time .

  5. oh my gosh, so soon! Good luck and don't stress, you will get it all done!


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