Sunday, June 19, 2011

Updated Checklist By Day: I’m getting married THIS week!

This is basically everything I have left to do this week before the wedding… and I realize that this might not be exciting for you all lol… but it’s basically just for me… this is to help me get organized for the upcoming week!! :)  YAY!!!  Also, don’t forget about my giveaway that ends at 11:59pm Thursday night!!  CLICK HERE TO ENTER 

Note to Self:  If something doesn’t get done on the day it’s supposed to, it moves down to the next day… DONT PROCRASTINATE!!                      

      - Reception playlist
      - Confirm honeymoon
      - Buy: plates (150 more), stuff for the punch, nuts, pretzels
      - Print and cut ceremony programs
      - Make slideshow for reception
      - Schedule of events for DJ
      - Make schedule for morning of

      - Print out and frame favorite engagement pictures

      - Make favors

      - Pack for honeymoon

      - Pick up rentals
      - Nail appointment @12pm
      - Get rings cleaned
      - Pick up tuxes and dresses (June 24th)
      - Pick up 2 bags of ice
      - Rehearsal @7pm (June 24th)

      GET MARRIED!!! :D


6 Days Left!!


  1. WooHoo! 6 days left!!

    Enjoy every min of it!

  2. So COOL! I have goosebumps! ENJOY your road to a MRS!

  3. Enjoy your last week of being single :) Good plan - enjoy the week and good luck next weekend!!!! Praying for you!!!

  4. Are you throwing a part favor party? We had that, she invited a bunch of her GF's and order take out and sat thier making the favors all night. It was sorta fun.

    Enjoy the week, remember, Friday on is all about you, your brides maids are there for the sole purpose of doing all your dirty work and errands, use them, they understand.

  5. BDD - Thanks!! yeah... a couple of my friends from college basketball days are coming over to make 300 favors with me! lol... I was thinking pizza was in order :)

    Thanks so much! It's kinda been a struggle trying to get them (my 2 sisters) to help with anything lol... no help with addressing 100 envelopes and no help with the favors... ok... done complaining... IT'S WEDDING WEEK!! :)

  6. I just got that excited, nervous butterfly feeling in my tummy!

    Today's schedule looks fun!! I think you should figure out a way to share the slideshow on your blog after the wedding is all said and done!


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