Monday, June 20, 2011

We Got Our Marriage License!!

A week ago (June 13), we went to the probate court and got our marriage license!!  We can now legally get married in the state of Ohio!! :D


My to do list for today (to see the whole week CLICK HERE):

      - Reception playlist
      - Confirm honeymoon
      - Buy: plates (150 more), stuff for the punch, nuts, pretzels
      - Print and cut ceremony programs  (found someone to do it for me)
      - Make slideshow for reception
      - Schedule of events for DJ
      - Make schedule for morning of


5 Days Left!!


  1. AHHHH CONGRATULATIONS!!! IT IS COMING UP SO SO FAST!!! You look STUNNING as always and so glad you found someone to print the programs!!

  2. You dont have much left to do, where is the Honeymoon at?

  3. Doesn't it feel great to check things off the list?!?! Congratulations and have an amazing wedding!!

  4. Weeeee!!!!!

    I was totally telling my mom all about you on our morning break today! Naturally it was wedding talk!

  5. T minus 5 days . . . hang in there girl, it'll be here in a flash and you'll go from Miss to Mrs - woot!

  6. wooohooo!! such an exciting week. Enjoy!!!


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