Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wedding Checklist: 4 Weeks To Go

Exactly 4 weeks!! (or 28 days!!!) 

A couple people asked me what all I still had left to do and I figured that typing it all out would help me stay on task so here is my Wedding To Do List!!

       - Buy: forks, cups, plates, ribbon, 4 candles, stuff for the favors, and wrapping paper for
         the card box
       - Go thru engagement pics and tell Elijah which ones are my faves
       - Create and print ceremony programs
       - Make nail appointment
       - Take cake server to get engraved
       - Make slideshow for reception
       - Follow up with people who haven’t RSVP’d yet
       - Make favors
       - Final dress fitting @2pm (June 8th)
       - G’s dress fitting
       - Bridal shower @1pm (June 4th)
       - Write thank you cards
       - Makeup trial
       - Hair trial @5:45pm (June 14th)
       - Card box
       - Decide what cake will look like/flavors
       - Order cake
       - Tie ribbon on the bubbles
       - Reception playlist
       - Schedule of events for DJ
       - Confirm honeymoon
       - Marriage License
       - Change my name
       - Get rings cleaned
       - Make schedule for morning of
       - Pack for honeymoon
       - Invite important people to reception
       - Rehearsal @7pm (June 24th)
       - Pick up rentals
       - Cut tulle for centerpieces
       - Pick up tuxes and dresses

Bleh!! lol… this seems like an awful lot of stuff to do still lol.. especially with final exams coming up!!  People have offered to help me make my favors so hopefully we can knock those out pretty quickly! :)  And I have no idea what I’m doing about the programs lol… and for some reason the cake decision is taking longer than it should…

Although that could be because I have no clue how many people are coming to the wedding… i sent out 100 invites and got only about 57 RSVP cards back lol… so now I have to follow up with everyone who didn’t respond because I’m not paying for 100 extra pieces of cake and 100 extra favors in case they decide to not respond and show up to the wedding after all lol… waste of time and money…

      - Breathe, say “I DO”, smile, and enjoy the day that I’ve been waiting for my entire life!!  :)


  1. One "to do" thing at a time. These are once in a lifetime (God willing) things - enjoy them despite the chaos they are bringing to your life right now.

  2. On the programs - I bought some at JoAnn fabrics with their 40% coupons. I got like 3 packs each of like 25 or something. They folded in half - hamburger wise and just had a silvery border. Really pretty. Then I typed up the program and printed them on the computer. Super easy! I was able to hole punch them and add ribbon too but you don't have to. They were super cheap and looked really nice!

  3. Almost there! It will go way too fast so savor every single second!!

  4. It seems like a lot - but it is also kind of the fun finishing touches to it all, which makes it really exciting ... especially the final honeymoon preparations!

  5. I dont remember the list being that long, how long is his list

  6. FOUR WEEKS!!! Girl, I know I say this every time but you are going to be the most GORGEOUS bride EVER!!! SO MUCH TO DO (especially with finals)!!! Can I do anything?!?! Thank you cards are the worst....I still don't think I sent mine out ha!!! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR YOUR CARD!!!! It completely brightened my day. I felt each and every hug!! I really appreciate your friendship and don't know how you do it all!!! LOVE YOU!!


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