Monday, May 16, 2011

I’m a Terrible Person…


On accident…

I thought I would have enough time to pound out a race recap today…

but I ended up being in a car for 4 hours today and didn’t get home till a little less than an hour ago…

I feel like such a terrible person…

please forgive me and still be my friends!! 

BTW, SECRET:  YES, I did buy a running skirt ;) lol  just thought you’d like to know that I went all girly on y’all… I’ll talk more about it in my recap…

WHICH will be posted TOMORROW!!! :)  I get off work at 5 so I will keep my word that you shall have a recap by the end of tomorrow :)

You still my friend?

Don’t believe anything I say now? … that’s too bad…

I’ll make it up to you tomorrow ;)


  1. I'm holding you to this. I WANT A RACE RECAP DANG IT. :P

  2. Strawberry, then all is forgiven, this is on top of my bday cake, fyi

  3. I'll still be your bloggy friend ... but this means we'll need to see photos of you actually IN the running skirt!

  4. Fruitfly - haha! They'll be in the race recap tonight!! :) heads up... i LOVED the skirt!!

  5. Cracking me up!!! You're a nut for sure! I THINK we can still be friends, but there be photos or else . . . I'm seriously not going to be sure the status of our future (JK!). Although I seriously can't wait to read the recap (pins and needles over here) - I know ALL about life getting in the way!!! Take care of yourself first, we'll all still be friends with you (and in the event someone stops then they are just doo doo heads and you didn't need them anyway!)

  6. haha... Wells - you crack me up!! they will be doo doo heads for sure!! Thanks for still being my friend ;) recap is up and has pictures ;)


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