Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Can’t Afford the Actual Race Virtual Marathon Recap

Ok… a week late but still wanted to post the recap!!  If you hadn’t heard, Barefoot Neil Z held a virtual marathon named “I can’t afford the actual race” … being that I’m on a tight budget because of school and the wedding at the moment, I thought this was a perfect race for my 2011 racing season!!  So thanks Neil!! :)

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If you signed up for the race before Neil realized he was too busy, he sent you a personalized race bib (included in the price of registering for the race, of course)… well I signed up at the right time because he was actually able to surprise me and make me the most incredible race bib ever!!  It is my absolute favorite race bib of all time!!! I may have to frame it! ;)

Yep… $6.25 … June 25th is when I’m getting married
Z … my nickname
zuh-NEHT-uh … how you correctly pronounce my name

LOVE IT!!! :D 

This marathon was held on May 1st, but technically you had from April 17 – May 1st to get in all the miles as long as you ran the last 1k ( .62 miles) on May 1st… here’s a look at how I got my 26.2 miles in! (you can click on a couple of the dates to get a recap of that run)

                                                April 17 – 3.07 miles in 27:58
                                                April 18 – 5.06 miles in 52:01
                                                April 25 – 8.08 miles in  1:29:39
                                                April 26 – 2.02 miles in 20:30
                                                April 28 – 4.17 miles in 36:00
                                                April 30 – 3.1 miles in 24:55
                                                May 1 – .7 miles in 8.18

  Total:   26.2 miles in 4:19:35

(if I did the math correctly) lol ;)

May 1st, I got the last .7 miles I needed in (more than 1k, so I didn’t disqualify) whew ;)  I didn’t get around to actually running until I got some shenanigans in… I was tired lol
(that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

DSC01919 DSC01920

Well that tired me out and I wanted to take a nap…
That’s what Sundays are for anyways right?!


ok ok, no nap… Time to get up and finish this thing!

I ended up slowing down big time halfway thru because I accidentally dropped the TV remote between the wall and the treadmill and tried to keep going so i didn’t have to stop completely while I fished it out lol… yep… who’s clumsy???  *ME* lol… strong finish Zaneta!! lol ;)  

So thanks Neil for putting on this event!! It was fun and really helped me stay motivated to get in some training for my half marathon!!  (recap to come this week)
AND… did I mention I love the bib?! ;)


  1. Cool recap. I think I need a "virtual race 101" lesson - I'm embarrassed to say I don't really know how it all works. Can you give a girl some help? The bib is SUPER PERFECTO for you!!!! Great job running a full marathon (you have the bib so I'm pretty sure it counts . . . the details aren't important - like it was done over several days . . . details, who cares!!!) I'm super impressed!!!! Great job, Zeneta!

  2. Haha, the pics are great! :)

  3. thats how u say my name too...minus the Z. lol

    that is a great looking race bib and great time for ur marathon! yay for virtual races

  4. AWESOME race bib..and recap for that matter. I haven't had to stop for a remote in a race...but there is still time! :)

  5. I forgot what my orginal comment was gonna be, because I saw the those Brooks Pure Flows on your feet and I got so extremely jealous!!

  6. Definitely a cool race bib! Love the photos!

  7. woohoo!! love the pics!! you rocked it!

  8. this is so cute! just found your blog and i love it!


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