Thursday, May 26, 2011

30 Days To Go! (and first wedding gift)



Josh and I only have 30 more days until we say “I DO” (and you better believe I will be saying those words with all caps!!  ;)   I LOVE that man with all my heart and truly believe that God put him in my life at the perfect time, right when I needed him… 

We still have quite a few things left to do… a big one is the cake… (next on my to do list) 

It’s tough trying to work 30-40 hour weeks, go to school, run/workout, and still try to plan a wedding! lol… good thing I never have to do this again!! ;)

I got home from work today and there was a gift sitting on the table for “Zaneta & New Husband” lol… from my great aunt and uncle who live in a different state and won’t be able to make it… it’s our first wedding gift!! :)




It’s so exciting!!  AHHHHH!!!  Just to give you a fair warning… since I now have LESS THAN A MONTH… You better believe I will be doing more and more wedding posts ;) lol… so if you don’t like reading about that kind of thing, just ignore my blog for the next month ;)


  1. Love reading about this kind of stuff! So wonderful! The best best best time of life! So exciting. :) Can't wait to see pics of the big day when it all happens. :)

  2. Girl! You better be posting more wedding related posts. It's not like you can do that kind of posts every day for the rest of your life, you know?
    Love the present and love the "new husband" thing ... :)

  3. OMgoodness - it's soooo soon! Freak out attack! I'm so excited for you. Speaking of cake - best advice I got was to make sure you get a piece of your cake at your reception. It sounded odd "as in, who doesn't get a piece of their own wedding cake" - answer: LOTS Of people!!!! Assign someone with the sole responsibility of making sure you and your hubby get a piece. Can't wait for more of the wedding updates. Praying for you and your future hubby daily!

  4. I love seeing other people's "loot"! We didn't unwrap ours until after the wedding, but I stalked our registry daily to see what had been purchased. I always said that I wouldn't do that, but it was just too tempting! :)

  5. Yay for wedding gifts and knives, always needed! I love wedding stuff, sometimes I wish I could plan our wedding all over again, just because i love doing that stuff so much. However, I was the thinest I have ever been when I got married, so I definitely don't want to change that!

  6. Can't wait to hear more! Tell us all of the crazy stuff you have to do! I can't imagine planning a wedding in only a few months you crazy girl!

  7. so exciting! I don't think anyone blames you for posting more and more about the wedding! So much fun!

  8. You may not have sorted out your cake but at least you'll have something to cut it with.

  9. LOL!!!! What did soon to be hubby say about what your uncle wrote?

  10. omg that 30 days is gonna flyyyyy by! enjoy this time.

  11. "New husband" - love it!

    Okay - so it is clear I'm not the wedding type (been there, done that, probably shouldn't have!) ;) but I get goose bumps on my legs every time you have a wedding post! How funny that we've never met, but I am sooo into your whole wedding process and really excited! You better have at least one little post with a picture of you all dressed up ASAP after the wedding!

  12. Enjoy the moment!!!

    Nice gift by the way!


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