Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekly Roundup: August 13 – 19

Monday:  2.02mi in 21:22
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday: 2.05mi (forgot to get the time… treadmill run)
Thursday: Rest
Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  4.03mi in 44:18
Sunday:  Rest
**Stretched and used the stick each time I ran

Total for Week = 8.1 miles            
Total for Month =  11.35 miles          
Total for Year =  151.1 miles            

*** @=outside run (refers to pacein=treadmill run (refers to minutes)

January  12.6 miles                                                       2011  329.45 miles
February   13.02 miles
March   42.19 miles
April   25.69 miles
May  19.41 miles
June  12.15 miles
July  11.68 miles
August  11.35 miles


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Registered Races
10/21/12 – Columbus Marathon Half Marathon


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