Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1.  As you all know, I’m in school to be a sign language interpreter… Today was our last day of classes for the quarter (we still have finals next week) and some how we started discussing insurance.  I learned that you can insure your hands?!   Totally legit and I will be doing that as soon as I graduate!! ;)

2.  I’ve been watching as much of the Olympics as I possibly can, and yes I've been staying up til midnight! lol… whoops! ;)  I’m really enjoying the Track & Field events…  and I LOVED watching Oscar Pistorius … he is such an inspiration!  Have you been watching the Olympics?  If so, what is your favorite event/athlete?


3. Extreme couponing anyone?  I got $57 worth of stuff for $7 at Bath and Body Works and Victoria Secret!!  I’ll let you all in on my extreme couponing secrets… sign up for mailings and sometimes you’ll get awesome coupons… VS has free underwear coupons a lot of times… and then bug your parents/parents-in-law to give you their coupons too!! ;) I know, I know… I’m a genius!! ;)
I had 4 VS coupons (2- $10 off and 2-free underwear) and 2 BBW coupons (2- free travel size product) What I got:
                                 ~2 pairs of underwear ($8.50 each)
                                 ~2 travel size bottles of lotion ($5 each)
                                 ~2 Victoria Secret lip glosses ($9 each)
                                 ~1 Bottle of Love Spell Body Spray ($12)

DSC03788*Underwear not pictured! lol 

Do you have any experience with extreme couponing? 
Obviously I’m not a pro… I just got lucky! ;)
What’s the best deal you’ve ever gotten?


  1. I've been watching lots of the Olympics as well but luckily we are just one hour before London so the times are not too bad for weekday viewing. Oscar make us all here in South Africa very proud. He has always been a great ambassador for our country.

  2. I agree with Johann: Oscar is such an inspiration. I'm proudly South African! :)

  3. Loving the Olympics too. Swimming was my favorite and now it's over. :-(

  4. My BF got the best deal ever, he "bought" a 3D 59" tv for $0!! The value: $2,000!! It was a combination of credit card points and a sale at Best Buy!

  5. I get double VS coupons every month and I love it. Twenty-four free pairs of panties in a year is ridiculous!

  6. I was floored about insuring your hands, makes sense though, but if you get contract jobs, you need to carry insure incase you sign something wrong, and its expensive, I didnt like that part

  7. I only have experience with extreme couponing watching the programme! But I love doing that. It's very impressive what those couponers achieve.


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