Thursday, August 30, 2012

Weekly Roundup: August 20 – 26

Whoops!! Yes, I realize it’s Thursday and therefore almost time for another Weekly Roundup lol… BUT I’m no longer on my 12 day break! lol… I have started school back up full time and also an internship so I’m busy once again… So here’s last week’s roundup:

Monday: 3.1mi in 33:07
Tuesday: 30 Day Fast Start (Arm workout); Lean Legs Workout x2
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3.1mi in 32:06 (.5mi of progressive speed and 2x .15mi of an 8.0 incline hill)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest

**Stretched and used the stick each time I ran

Total for Week = 6.2 miles
Total for Month = 17.55 miles
Total for Year = 157.3 miles

*** @=outside run (refers to pace) in=treadmill run (refers to minutes)

January 12.6 miles                                                       2011 329.45 miles
February 13.02 miles
March 42.19 miles
April 25.69 miles
May 19.41 miles
June 12.15 miles
July 11.68 miles
August 17.55 miles

Last Week’s Roundup


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Blog Posts From The Week

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Registered Races

9/1/12 – Sweet Corn Festival 5k
– Columbus Marathon Half Marathon


  1. Great training week! Way to go...

  2. Hope school is off to a good start and that your training is going well!


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