Sunday, September 8, 2013

Calm Down! It’s Just An Inversion! (Video)


Ok… you may have noticed a little yoga on this blog… you may be like… “WAIT…I thought this was a running blog?!!”  Calm down!!! It is a running blog… except for this chica hasn’t been running because of a knee injury so I decided adding a little spice to my life with yoga couldn’t hurt anything!
If yoga just isn’t your thing, then you can X out of this blog post… or stay whatever… just know that I know and keep track of who doesn’t read my blog posts word for word! ;)
OK… totally kidding… or am i? ;)

Anyways… This week is going to be yoga week on my blog… and if yoga truly isn’t your thing you may just want to stick around because you might change your mind after this week is over… pending I have some free time to blog! ;) 

In the meantime… you can enjoy a little video of me playing around with a supported headstand inversion!  At the end I try to go from a headstand to crow pose and failed big time! lol… Enjoy!!


Do you do yoga?
How long have you done it?
     - 4 weeks ;)  Beginner Yogi here! ;)
If you don’t do yoga, do you think you might try it one day?






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  1. I go in and out of yoga. I'm not really a fan, but I think it is good for me

    1. There are definitely some benefits! when your "in" yoga... do you go to classes or do a video at home?

  2. Shaving the legs ain't easy! So much more to yoga than the legs though :-D

  3. After watching the video, I'm going to have to try it just to see if I still can. Maybe look for a yoga class at the local college too!

  4. After watching the video, I'm going to have to go home and give it a try. And go online and see if there's a yoga class at the local college.


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