Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Everybody Do the Splits!!! (Video)

If you missed it, or just started following my blog… I’m a lame-o… well my knee anyways ;)  If you want to read/watch about it you can click here… or you can just take my word for it that I haven’t been able to run due to an injured knee ;)

So instead of running and taking life too seriously, I started goofing off a little more ;)  (or trying out yoga that is!)  I joined an Instagram Yoga challenge (I’ll blog more about it when I get the chance.. with a CRAPton of Pictures, totes promise!) and one day the pose was the Splits.  I’m extremely not very flexible as you will see.. so I tried a different pose that could somewhat pass as doing a split! ;) Enjoy…


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  1. You got further than I probably could....maybe one day I'll be able to do a split? LOL! Maybe with a different body?!


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