Sunday, September 15, 2013

Stepping Up To The Challenge (and a winner)

I’m the kind of person that always needs a challenge

Growing up, I found that challenge in competing in sports…specifically with basketball and a couple years of track.

Even in college I competed in basketball and softball to find that challenge… In my very first blog post ever here on Runner’s Luck I mentioned that I ran out of sports eligibility in college and that’s why I started running… I needed another challenge!

Even within just running itself, I needed a challenge! That’s why I went from running 5ks to half marathons and why I ran a marathon… it was challenging to train for and run each new distance… That’s also why I feel like I need to PR at every. single. race! (Don’t worry, I totally know it’s not possible… I’m not that crazy!) And don’t get me wrong… there are TONS of other reasons why I run… mainly because I just down right LOVE it! BUT… the challenge is still a BIG appeal to me!

Then, I got hurt…and still have yet to go to the doctor. That has nothing to do with a challenge and everything to do with being stubborn, and perhaps a little scared… and definitely a tightwad…(more about the knee in a later post)

The point is, I needed another challenge

I decided to try yoga… you may be thinking “YOGA? How is that challenging?”  Well my friends… the part of me that needs a challenge can’t settle for not being able to do the splits, or not being able to touch my feet to my head when doing king cobra pose, or not being able to do a simple handstand (more on that later too! lol) It all started as just a fun way to stretch to help heal my knee injury, but then I saw a pose that looked challenging and couldn’t stop thinking about it! So what did I do?  I tried it!

Welcome to Eka Pada Koundiyanasana I Pose

Challenge Accepted!

IMG_20130817_222443 IMG_20130818_212803

IMG_20130824_140424 IMG_20130902_094427


It’s definitely not perfect, but I've totally made some progress!! 

So, while I cannot run (I’m still working out)… I’ve found a challenge to keep me occupied! Because guess what?  There are more challenging arm balances and inversions I’d like to make progress on! While you may be reading all of my yoga posts lately thinking that it’s a total waste of time and that you’d never try yoga or it’s boring… just you wait!!  I have a post coming up that might just convince you to give it a go! :)

Do you always need a challenge in your life?
Do you practice yoga? How often?
If you don’t, why not? Think you ever will?




Without further ado… the winner of the Run the Race Giveaway is…



  1. Wow, that yoga pose looks SO tough!! I'm impressed. I love yoga because it makes me feel so chill and centred. This summer lululemon ran free lunchtime yoga sessions once a week near my office, and those days were the ones I looked forward to the most every week.

    1. That sounds great Laura!! I wish I lived closer to a Lululemon because that sounds like so much fun!! The closest one to where I live has free yoga on Sundays but by the time I get out of church and drive an hour there it'd be over! :(

  2. I'm so impressed with your progress with that pose. I'm going to have to try that one.....

    So- foot issues. Are you still having pain? Ugh!

    1. Thanks Jen!!
      I'm having knee problems and yes, I'm still having pain... not so much now that I haven't been running (still sore), but I'm afraid once I start running the pain will come right back :(
      It may be time for an MRI... I had an xray and everything was normal on that... bleh!

  3. Yoga is a real challenge, I never thought if was that hard until I started doing it.


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