Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekly Roundup: March 7 – March 13


Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  3.66 miles with my sister in the pelting ice/snow (didn’t keep time or pace)
Friday:  2.02 miles in 18:00;  P90X Ab Ripper
Saturday: 7.01 miles@ 10:09
Sunday:  Rest

Total for Week =  12.69 miles; Pushups/Crunches [0/0]
Total for Month = 27.87 miles; Pushups/Crunches [53/350]
Total for Year =  27.87 miles**; Pushups/Crunches [63/400]

**Starting in March since I forgot to keep track, but I didn’t run much in Jan and Feb
*** @=outside run  in=treadmill run

Notes of Interest

I did get p90x…  I haven’t been able to start doing the workouts yet because of a hectic schedule, but its about to change, so i’m excited to start!  :)

My younger sister came home from college on spring break this past week and we were able to get in a run together on Thursday!  It started raining and then soon after started “icing” lol… we kept saying “ow” and “ouch” the whole run as we got pelted in the face lol… it was fun!

Blog Posts From The Week

100th Post & Giveaway (s)!!

Registered Races

5/7/11 – Capital City Half Marathon
10/16/11 – Columbus Marathon

Days Left Until I Marry My Best Friend:  103


  1. Be prepared to be sore, the day after you start P90X, its tough, but very doable

    I didnt know the Columbus Mary was on my Bday, thats kinda cool

  2. I just did Ab Ripper X for the second time yesterday. It was SO hard the first time I tried it, but it gets easier! Some of the moves are really tough!!! I haven't tried any of the other videos yet.

  3. So exciting to get to run with your sis - bummer it had to be painful!


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