Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Roundup: February 28 – March 6


Monday:  Pushups/Crunches [12/75]
Tuesday: 2.7 miles@9:16 ; [Chest Fly (10),Shoulder Press (10), Bicep Curl (10), Tricep Dip (10)] X 3; Pushups/Crunches [10/100]; 10 min stretch
Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday: 4.02 miles in 37:49; Pushups/Crunches [15/75]; 10 min stretch; 5 min foam roll
Friday:  2.01 miles in 19:30; Pushups/Crunches [16/100]; 10 min stretch; 5 min foam roll
Saturday:  6.45 miles@10:46
Sunday:  Rest

Total for Week = 15.18 miles; Pushups/Crunches [53/350]
Total for Month = 15.18 miles; Pushups/Crunches [53/350]
Total for Year =  15.18 miles**; Pushups/Crunches [63/400]

**Starting in March since I forgot to keep track, but I didn’t run much in Jan and Feb
*** @=outside run  in=treadmill run

Saturday was NOT Sunny

Saturday morning my friend Jess and I met to go running at 8:30am.  It was drizzling a little bit so we decided we’d still go… we started out and I asked her “hills, or more hills?” lol… we are hardcore so we went for more hills ;)  While we were running, the rain picked up and it was a little chilly… we ended up running 6.45 miles in the rain and wind before we decided enough was enough and called her boyfriend to come pick us up and drives us the last 2 miles home!  I thought running in the rain was a bit refreshing… I had only run in the rain once before… Yeah, If it’s cold or rainy/snowy out, I use the dreadmill ;) 

Before we left my house, I looked like this:


After we got back, I looked like this:

wet cat

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Registered Races

5/7/11 – Capital City Half Marathon
10/16/11 – Columbus Marathon

Days Left Until I Marry My Best Friend:  111


  1. Haha, funny picture of the cat!!! I don't like running in the rain or even if its really windy. The dreadmill never lets me down when the weather is poop. Good job on conquering your run!

  2. I loooooove running in the rain in the summertime. But if it's cold? NO THANKS!

  3. Ugh - I hate that feeling of returning home and feeling like a drowned cat. Way to go!

  4. look at all ur crunches and pushups! thats awesome. i need to start doing that too!

    great job!

  5. Wouldnt it be nice if we had nice weather for more then a day???

    The half mary I am doing is Glass City up in Toledo

    I wont be doing Cap City, first tri of the year is same day in Athens, we are basically switching placed to race that day

  6. BAHAHA I LOVE THE WET CAT PICTURE....hilarious. MORE are a rockstar. Great workouts gorgeous girl and I LOVE your blue running top, adorable!


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