Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hospitals and Engagement Rings (lame post title)

Well, last night was eventful to say the least…  My dad had to be taken by squad to the hospital, I’ll spare you the details.  By the time I was able to bring him home I had been at the hospital for 12ish hours overnight… no sleep whatsoever.  He’s doing a lot better now and is mainly just worn out.  Please keep him in your prayers!

My Weekly Roundup yesterday had a couple comments about what I had hurt and how.  I hurt my back last Sunday… I have no idea what I did, it just hurt so bad I could hardly move!  It’s finally doing a lot better and if it weren’t for the exciting day yesterday evening and getting no sleep last night, I would be outside running today or doing p90x, but i think I need to go to bed…

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Before I pull the blinds and finally get some shut eye… I wanted to share one of the pictures that I begged for asked my followers to email me!  If you missed that post, CLICK HERE.  I’m only a tad excited to be getting married in June lol ;)  

Hannah from HannahViolin just recently got engaged in February!

CLICK HERE for her engagement story! This is her gorgeous ring!!


If you guys want to send me wedding pictures/engagement pictures/cake pictures/ring pictures you can still do that… just send them to runners.luck@hotmail.com and I’ll post them on my blog :)

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95 Days Left Until I Marry My Love!


  1. Go to bed. Now! Seriously! Please take good care of yourself.

    Glad to hear that your dad is doing a bit better. That must have been 12 awful hours!

  2. thoughts and prayers going out to your dad. Now go get some sleep girl!

  3. Hope your back is feeling better and hope all is well with your Dad.

  4. Im so sorry to hear about your Dad and your Back! I hope things get back to normal for you real soon!

  5. Hope your back feels better! I really have no pictures yet - I just have my inspiration pictures that I have taken from other places.

  6. I hope you are and your father are doing ok

    How do you like P90X?

    On a lighter side, your comment on my post yesterday was hands down the best one, thanks

  7. Wow - 95 days! No more triple digits - this is coming up fast!!

    I hope your daddy is okay, I'll keep you all in my thoughts!


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