Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Cake Edition

Ok… first things first, thank you guys for your thoughts and prayers for my dad!  They ended up doing some tests where he works and I guess there had been a carbon monoxide leak, so I’m guessing that's what made him sick! (But, I’m not a doctor and of course the ER doesn’t diagnose anything)  He’s doing much better now, so thank you!!

Also, you guys guessed right! lol… my “new hobby” is baking and decorating cakes!  I put it in quotations because I really don't know how often I’ll bake cakes or if I’ll keep up with it, but Sunday night it sure was fun! lol… I made the yellow cake and buttercream icing both from scratch and decorated it myself.. I just made a stop to Joann Fabric’s with about a million coupons and picked out things I thought I would need, looked at a book, and said “I’m gonna try this” lol… now for the pictures since it’s supposed to be “wordless” Wednesday ;)  (you can click to make them bigger if you’d like)

DSC01476 DSC01478

DSC01479 DSC01482

My mom took that candid of me making the cake because “it’s not everyday
you’re in the kitchen, Zaneta!” lol… yeah… I'm not very domesticated…
Sorry Josh! lol… maybe marriage will change things? ;)





^ That picture is of me practicing some icing decorations for the first time while my cake chilled for a couple hours :)

DSC01508DSC01510DSC01511DSC01512DSC01514DSC01515DSC01516DSC01524DSC01526DSC01520 DSC01535 

Monday we tasted my creation… everyone thought it was delicious! :)  I really thought the yellow cake was yummy but didn’t care for the recipe I used for the icing, it was too buttery… I’ll have to use another buttercream recipe next time!


What are your hobbies?


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  1. Wow. You are seriously talented. I can't help but be a bit envious. I'm so coordinated that no one has ever correctly guessed what I drew on a cupcake.

    I am also jealous of your beautiful green mixer.

  2. lol... thanks :) and... the mixer is my moms, I borrowed it ;)

  3. That's is a beautiful cake! New career? :)

  4. now i'm hungry for cake. mmmmmm caaaaake...

  5. I am QUITE impressed! Such a pretty, cheerful spring cake. Nice work.

    Glad your dad is doing well!

  6. I have yet to find a good vanilla buttercream recipe, but I have a good one for chocolate and a good one for cream cheese frosting. There must be a secret for vanilla that I still haven't figured out!

    Your cake looks fantastic!

  7. That cake looks awesome! Great job! Mine never turn out that great! I have always wanted to be a wedding cake baker but its a lot of work.

  8. wow that looks professional!

  9. That looks great!

    Sorry, I hate to break it to you, but marriage doesn't suddenly make you more domestic. Just ask my husband. lol

    Hey, are you getting my emails? I've emailed you a couple of times lately (about P90X and in response to your giveaway) and haven't gotten a response. Just making sure you're getting them!

  10. Your cake looks awesome.

    I have definitely become a better cook since I got married. I think it has to do more with the fact that I have more time, than the fact that we got married.

  11. That was your FIRST cake decorating experience? Wow - I can't draw a stick figure with a fat crayon on a jumbo piece of paper. You're talented and amazing!!!! Wowzers. And . . . how do you have time to start a new hobby? Girl - way to juggle things and find outlets for yourself. That's awesome. Wedding planner, runner, college student, working 2 jobs, and now cake decorator - NICE!!!! You're just fabulous! Please keep creating and sharing your masterpieces with us.
    Sooooo happy your dad is doing well - how scary to find out his job had a problem. You just assume going to work is safe.

  12. Thanks everyone for all your lovely comments! I guess thinking about wedding cakes a lot made me want to try baking a cake myself lol ;)

    Wells - everytime i try to go to your blog it tells me your profile is private? Thanks for your wonderful comment lady! You always make me smile! :)

  13. Your cake looks sooo yummy!!! I would totally eat that whole thing up - possibly in one day if you let me! ;)

    I can totally empathize with your dad! I actually had carbon monoxide poisoning when I was a senior in high school. Turns out our whole house was full of it from a leak in our heater. I got pretty sick and it was all so mysterious because it was so strange. I thought I was having a heart attack - thank goodness they figured it out - and soon enough I was healthy and back to normal. So I'm very optimistic about your dad!

  14. Wow that cake looks great! Nice job!

  15. Saw this post on a blog I've never read before, but thought of you -

    it was cute to check out -
    Have a great weekend!


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