Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Tragedy


I know I already posted once but my mind is reeling…There are just no words to express how I’m feeling tonight as I head to bed…

My heart is heavy, my eyes are filled with tears, and I just can’t understand why someone would want to do something so senseless and harm so many people today.

Over 100 hurt

2 killed… including an 8-year-old boy

Some runners, some volunteers, many spectators

A day that was for many the chance of a life time; they had managed to qualify to run the Boston Marathon and this was it… it was race day… their hearts were full of joy…

Amid all of the celebration, smiles, accomplishments… there was someone who’s heart was full of evil… I cannot even comprehend why they felt the need to create shock, chaos, and overwhelming sadness…

I will never understand why things like this happen, but I am sure glad for those heroes, the first responders, the runners who continued until they reached the hospital to donate blood, the police who will not be getting any sleep tonight as they continue the investigation…

I feel helpless and like there is nothing I can do to help… but even those of us who did not run Boston, have never qualified, or will never qualify, have felt the devastation because runners are a community… a family… and right now we are all coming together to do what we can wherever we may be…

Tomorrow wear a race shirt or wear blue and yellow

Run tonight or tomorrow to honor those devastated by today’s events

Post a picture #prayforBoston

That is what I did… I gathered my running shoes and created a picture because that is all I felt like I could do … I will be praying for Boston, for everyone who had to go through this awful ordeal today, and for the family and friends of those affected by the horrific bombs that went off today during the Boston Marathon… #runnersunite!


  1. I am still in shock. i might be doing a virtual run with bibs that people can do on their own and then can donate to the charity they name for the victims. #runnersunite

    Will post on my blog later this week

    1. If you end up putting this together please please please let me know!

  2. This act has devastated runners everywhere. It is monstrous. And I hope that whoever did this is found and dealt with.

  3. so a horrible thing. I will have on my race shirt today.

  4. I love your picture! I was shocked this morning when I read the news.

  5. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by yesterdays tragic events.

  6. Still so shocked. I do love your picture and may repost it. I hope that's okay.

    1. It is definitely ok!!! Please feel free to repost the picture if you would like!

  7. Very creative photo! Way to show your support!


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