Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekly Roundup: April 15 – 21

Monday: 2.83mi @ 9:59/mi [28:14.67]
Tuesday: Internship/School/Rest
Wednesday: BBC Day #5; #RunForBoston 2.02mi in 21:48; Walk .26mi in 4:26; Stretch 20min
Thursday: Internship/School/Rest
Friday: Rest
Saturday: BBC Day #6; #Run4Rhodes5k 3.1mi in 33:22; Walk .25mi; Stretch 20min
Sunday: Rest

Total for Week = 7.95 miles 
Total for Month =  20.07 miles 
Total for Year =  75.83 miles

*** @=outside run (refers to pace) in=treadmill run (refers to minutes)

January 11.57 miles                                                       2011 329.45 miles
February 16.55 miles                                                      2012 178.67 miles
March 15.52 miles
April  20.07 miles

Last Week's Roundup


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Nuun Summer Sampler

* Nuun has a 3 pack of their summer flavors for sale for $18!! LOVE NUUN!!!


* Aspaeris Pivot Shorts is still having a sale for 40% off with the code SPRING through the end of April. 10% of April profits will be donated to the Boston area Red Cross


* 30 Days Stronger Challenge (May 1 – 30) over at Run to the Finish 

Time it Right May 2013

* A good article over at Runner’s World on “How to Time Workouts for the Best Performance


Blog Posts From The Week

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Boston Tragedy
Run For Boston
Update on Boston
Run for Rhodes #Anywhere5k

Registered Races

Unfortunately I have no plans to race at all this year… we shall see towards the second half, but I am just trying to get back into shape and figure out my knee pain!

18 Days Left Until GRADUATION!! :)


  1. your month is shaping up nicely from a running perspective. and so close to graduation! yay for you!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I'm pretty excited to graduate... for the 2nd time... and be done! :)

  2. Replies
    1. You're very welcome!! Also, right now they have free shipping on all orders through Friday!! :)


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