Monday, April 22, 2013

Don’t Eat All My Cheesy Poofs!

I didn’t get a subbing job for today, so I rolled out of bed around 9am…
For breakfast I had a Hummingbird muffin, some blackberries, and some strawberries. 


The Hummingbird muffin is from the latest issue of Runner’s World (I found the recipe for you online HERE) and oh my goodness are they delicious!!  I made them this weekend!!  They have so many ingredients like applesauce, bananas, pineapple (few of my faves) … I did end up leaving out the nuts though because not everyone in my family (*cough* my hubby) likes pecans.


While I was catching up on blogs and updating my monthly workout journal (the paper under my breakfast plate)  I got a text from my husband asking if I had ended up finding a job for today… I replied that I hadn’t (oh the life of a substitute teacher) and he immediately responded with:

DSC04502 2

Really?! That’s the first thought that pops into your head?! Cheesy poofs?! haha! That husband of mine is crazy sometimes!!  After that madness I posted my Weekly Roundup and headed out the door around 1:45pm to get in a nice run in this gorgeous weather we were having!! :)  65ish degrees and nothing but sun!


7edc33494968__1366669129000*Drinking NUUN of course ;)

I ended up running 2.81 miles @ 10:05/mi [28:17] … I couldn’t help but smile the entire time I was running because it was just gorgeous outside!! Even despite the knee pain!  What’s a girl to do?!  I did find out the the local nearest (about an hour away) Fleet Feet has a trainer on staff and IT’S. FREE!!  If the knee doesn’t start getting better soon I am going to march myself up there and see if the trainer can diagnose or help heal me up!!

I ended the night with making some “Brookies”  Brownies + Cookies = Genius!!  Seriously!  Whoever thought of this is the smartest person ever!  So good!!! Hey.. I never claimed to be a health food blog! ;)  tehe!

DSC04506I had already eaten one before I could take a pic! tehe see the gap?! ;)

How was your Monday?  What’d you do to relax this evening?

Did you race over the weekend?  How’d it go?

Did you make any food over the weekend that made you say “genius”! ?


  1. Those brownies look great. How do you like substitute teaching? I would guess you get called most days.

  2. So did you eat any cheese puffs? I would have ate one, just to say I did

    1. haha, I indeed did have some with my lunch, but don't tell him! ;)

  3. Is your husband saying that you can't be trusted around savoury, cheesy snacks? Or is he just pointing out his own weakness?

  4. Hilarious what your hubby says! I have a sister who is addicted to cheesy poofs too.
    Brookies?? That is genius! Ok, can I have the recipe?

    1. They are so good!! Here's the recipe:
      But really I just used a box of brownie mix and premade cookie dough! :)

    2. I am so making these! (And then going for a really long run!)

  5. Love the idea of brookies!! Hope your knee starts feeling better soon!

  6. Pineapple? I want to try those muffins. Pinned! Thanks!


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