Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits - April 2, 2013

This is going to be a bullet point list because I feel like I’m not writing as much that way and my grammar can be awful, but it doesn’t matter with a list! ;)

- If you’ll notice up in the right hand side of my blog, I’ve added a countdown to… [duh, duh, duhhh] … GRADUATION!!!  As of now, I have 37 days 21 hours 48 minutes and 15 seconds (that will definitely be less time by the time you all are reading this post!)

- That works out to about 10 more days of class, 8 more days of my internship (same days as classes), 20-30 hours of driving, 2 more big projects, 5 articles to read, 3 more quizzes, 8 more homework assignments, and lots of procrastination before I become a professional adult ;)

- I also added a “Giveaways” Button to my sidebar instead of listing out the giveaways right there on my sidebar because blogger’s link list app-y thing-y majig is not working… no big surprise that blogger isn’t working… right?! ;)  I should so switch to wordpress… I just don’t have the time or knowledge to do so right now…

- This week is spring break (as I mentioned in my weekly roundup) for the school I’ve been doing my interpreting practicum at.. which means I have class on tuesday and thursday from 4:30 – 7:20pm and maybe sub/work 2 days at the end of the week (county schools are on spring break til Wednesday) and that’s it…woohoo!! 

- That means that I’ll be working out, doing some reading, knitting/crocheting, maybe cooking/baking?!  AND… a little more blogging this week too!!  Just don’t get used to it ;) tehe

- My computer is still sick (wireless network card went caput) … the only time I can get on the internet is if I go out to the family room (opposite side of the house from my room) and plug it up with the blue cable… it’s so inconvenient and now I can’t multi-task by watching my shows and deleting them off of DVR at the same time I blog/do homework… so inconvenient! :-P

- This morning I woke up to temperatures in the teens with the windchill… that doesn’t seem right… where is spring?!  I remember it being in the low 80’s last year on spring break… crazy weather! Bring on the sunshine and warm weather!!!

- Ok, I think that’s it for me… no pictures in this post… sorry!  I’ll try to take more pictures! :)  BTW, did anyone get pranked yesterday for April Fool’s?  What happened?  Did you fall for the Bacon-flavored mouth wash?  totally disgusting! ;)


  1. Not good April Fools day pranks over here. I'd take that to bacon flavored mouthwash. ECK Congrats on being so close to graduating. HUGE accomplishment! HUGE!

    1. Thanks! :) I think after this degree I'm done with school.... for a while anyways ;)

  2. Hate it when there's problems with computers. Yay for graduation on the horizon!

    1. haha.. me too, but I'm a cheapskate who won't pay the $100 to fix it lol...


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